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Volkswagen been hit with another lawsuit

Surprise, surprise. Volkswagen have been hit by another suit, this time for false advertising. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought suit to VW, accusing the car company of deceiving customers into buying their diesel cars with false advertising of 'Clean Diesel'.

VW's 'Clean Diesel' advertising claimed that their cars were clean, even though a massive number of diesel cars had a hidden 'defeat device' placed on them to cheat emission tests.

This is what FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez had to say: “For years Volkswagen’s ads touted the company’s ‘Clean Diesel’ cars even though it now appears Volkswagen rigged the cars with devices designed to defeat emissions tests... Our lawsuit seeks compensation for the consumers who bought affected cars based on Volkswagen’s deceptive and unfair practices.”

This is just another lawsuit on top of more than 500 that VW have already got to their name. 



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