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Volkswagen Beetle Dune at LA Motor Show 2015

Volkswagen made a big splash at this year’s LA Motor Show with the ‘BEETLE DUNE’. A revamped and rugged version of the iconic Beetle, the Beetle Dune will hit the showrooms early next year.

In reality, the Beetle Dune is not technically a ‘dune buggy’ and VW has taken a more “lifestyle crossover design”.

The all new Beetle Dune, right now, is only for the American market, but we’re sure that it’ll hit European showrooms soon after.

Available in both coupe and convertible models, VW have taken a step back and gone with a more nostalgic approach with design, a throwback to the 1960s buggies. The bright yellow car is slightly elevated with 18 inch alloy wheels and DUNE written in large black letters on either side. 

Interior-wise, the dashboard and sport seats have taken a complete new look and features a colour touchscreen with Apple Carplay.

Both petrol and diesel will be offered, engine-wise. 


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