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What to expect from the Tokyo Motor Show

All the new concepts and cars of this year are to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, coming at the end of October and running till the beginning of November. Here are just a few cars/concepts expected there!


Honda are to debut an all new and advanced ‘hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle’, the Honda FCV, at the show later this month. It’s the successor to the FCX Clarity and will be available in the UK. It’s even expected to be able to buy outright!


Lexus is headed to the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 with a few new concepts tucked neatly under their belt. Lexus LS, RX and GS are all to debut at the motor show later this month. We’re expected to see the new RX SUV and the update GS saloon.

The mysterious Lexus LS concept teaser image

The Lexus RX SUV

The Lexus GS Saloon

Mazda recently revealed an image of a sleek two-door sports car, so we’re expecting at least a sports car concept. There isn’t much more about this one, so we’ll just have to wait till the show begins!


Mitsubishi eX is the new crossover-SUV, a brightly colour, full electric SUV that will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show but will make it to showrooms in the UK within the next five years.


Two new Subaru concepts will make a splash at the motor show – the Subaru Impreza and Subaru Viziv concept. The Impreza is minimal and sporty, with a sleek rear end. The Viziv is quite the opposite – an SUV that will include scissor doors and inspired by the Forester.

The Subaru Impreza concept

The Subaru Viziv

Toyota is set to dominate at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, with the S-FR concept and the FCV Plus and Kikai all set to debut at the show.

The S-FR is a 2+2 sports coupe car, standing for ‘Small Front Engine, Rear-Drive’. (Bit wordy, but never mind!) The FCV Plus is a futuristic looking four-seater vehicle that is hydrogen powered. Kikai is a more artsy concept, with designers using the machinery of the car which is normally not seen and displaying it within the exterior of the car. Cool right?

However, that’s not it. Toyota are also debuting a 10CM ROBOT THAT IS ABLE TO TALK TO YOU WHILST YOU’RE IN YOUR CAR. WHAT.

Well, that’s it. Leave comments below what car/concept you’re most excited over!



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