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UK car sales hit an all time high

It has been reported that new car sales in the UK have reached their highest level for September on record. Car sales have increased by 8.6% since last year, with this month alone having 462,517 cars being registered.

March 2015 hit a whole new record - the highest monthly level of new car sales in this century.

So far this year, over two million cars have been registered with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) stating that car sales have increased for 43 months in a row. 

As September is the month where the number plates changes are made, it is usually the busiest month for car sales. 

SMMT have said that "it [is] too early to say what impact VW's emissions scandal could have on sales" which shocked the world and led to VW CEO Martin Winterkorn resignation. 



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