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Lewis Hamilton wins his third World Championship

Hamilton has already won his third World Championship from yesterday’s win at the US Grand Prix. After Sir Jackie Stewart, Hamilton is the second British F1 driver to achieve three wins.

Vettel showers Hamilton with the celebratory champagne 
“Amazing” is how Hamilton said he felt to Elton John at the podium interviews. He went on to say "I can't find the right words to tell you how amazing this feels. I love you guys and everything you do for me. For all my family, I love you all."
Hamilton tells Elton John he feels "amazing". 
Fellow Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg came second, whilst Sebastian Vettel came third. If Vettel had secured second place instead of Robserg, the race would still have been open until Mexico next weekend.

The race was between Hamilton and Rosberg, with both head to head for first place. However, in the last ten laps, Hamilton managed to pressure Rosberg. He lost traction and ran off the track whilst Hamilton took the lead.

Rosberg looks glum as Hamilton celebrates his third World Championship
Hamilton was informed of his title win over the radio and was noticeably emotional as he thanked his team and family.

Though Rosberg initially congratulated Hamilton over his win, he seemed furious when Hamilton threw a ‘second place’ cap to him, who threw it right back as shown below. Rosberg has since commented that it was “just some games, nothing more” and Hamilton has stated that “he had not meant to cause offence.”
Rosberg about to throw the second place cap back at Hamilton
Below are images on the Formula 1 history and how Hamilton lines up with the rest of the World Championship winners. 

There are still three races, the Mexican, Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which Hamilton can now simply cruise through.

The Mexican GP is on at 7PM on the November 1st.



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