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Leonardo DiCaprio to produce film about Volkswagen scandal...

It might have just hit headlines a month, but that is more than enough time for the big directors and producers of Hollywood to buy the rights to make a film about the Volkswagen emission scandal.

Earlier this month, Paramount Pictures bought the rights to an upcoming novel about the scandal, and 5 time Academy Award nominee has joined the project as producer, alongside Jennifer Davisson (who has worked with DiCaprio several times). They are yet to name a director.

The novel is named ‘Too Big to Fail’ written by journalist Jack Ewing, and will focus more on what caused and fuelled the scandal, which sold for a reported six figures.

With DiCaprio’s impressive acting chops and several award nominations, it’s hard not to imagine him playing Martin Winterkorn, the ex-CEO of Volkswagen.

As it has been widely reported, 11 million cars are involved in the VW emission scandal and the recall for the cars starts next year in January. 


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