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It’s not all bad for Volkswagen

When the Volkswagen scandal broke out in September, the public were both outraged and hurt by the deception of one of the largest and most trusted car manufacturers. The emissions scandal shook the world and had the power to break Volkswagen.

However, whilst some of the public might be holding a grudge, others are more forgiving. It’s been reported that there has been a large volume of interest from job seekers in Volkswagen positions. Job site ‘Indeed’ found that there was a sharp decline in job interest right after the scandal hit headlines and job seekers continued to lose interest up until the beginning of October. Interest in positions at the car manufacturer have peaked during this month, even though Volkswagen announced one of the biggest car recalls in history.

Interest in Volkswagen positions are nearly back to pre-scandal rates. It may just be that job seekers are looking forward to the challenges and repairs needed by the company or you never know, it could just be reactions to Volkswagen being all over the news.



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