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Button to stay at McLaren for 2016

It has been reported that Jenson Button is staying at McLaren till next year, and maybe even longer.

There were rumours that Button was to announce that he was retiring from the sport, but is now due to stay at Formula 1 till next year at least.

At an Esso event on Wednesday 30th September, Button stated to the press that he's sticking with McLaren till next year. He's also enthusiastic for the upcoming developments in the sport, particularly about the 2017 season, hinting that he might be staying in Formula 1 for some time.

Button has admitted that the season hasn't been great for him but has stated that Honda are doing a great job and that they are developing their cars to rival the top contenders. He stated "Honda are always improving and working flat out", and has said that even though the overall performance is not completely there, the "feel of the car [is] very good." 

We'll see Button at the Russian Grand Prix next week, on 11th October. 



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