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Lewis Hamilton retires in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel had his third victory this weekend at the Singapore GP. He bolted to first place and is currently third place in the standings, Nico Rosberg taking second place overall and Lewis Hamilton still first place. 

However, it wasn't happy days for everyone. Hamilton was forced to retire after losing power. Rosberg has reduced Hamilton's lead to 41 points, as he came fourth. 

Rosberg and Vettel are now fighting for second place, with Vettel only trailing behind 8 points. 

Fellow Brit Button also was forced to retire in 14th place after a gearbox problem. Before retiring, Button broke his front wing on the back of Pastor Maldonado's car, when Maldonado made an unconventional tight exit. 

There are rumours that Jenson Button is set to retire soon after 16 years in the sport. Jenson has suffered a terrible season, alongside Alonso. Both McLaren team mates have struggled to do well this season. 


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