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Jaguar launch new car in style

Instead of pulling the covers off and speeches being made while the crowd ooh and aah over Jaguar’s latest concept, the company decided to be a bit different this year. Jaguar unveiled the new F-Pace on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show by running it through the largest loop-the-loop.

Stunt driver Terry Grant drove the F-Pace through a 19 metre high loop-the-loop styled as an ‘80’ to symbolise Jaguar’s 80th anniversary. Grant was brilliant – having prepared for the stunt months in advance tackled the stunt in wet weather, something he had never done before. Everything was extremely precise – he had to approach the loop at 53mph but as he was going round, the speed dropped to 15mph.

'80' representing Jaguar's 80th anniversary 

At the end, fireworks and lights went off from the ‘80’, with a beaming Grant standing on top of the F-Pace. 

In an electric blue, the car is a beauty! We're sure the car will be just as successful as the stunt was!  

Here's a clip of the F-Pace in action, enjoy! 



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