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Ferrari FXX signed by Michael Schumacher could reach £1.5 million at auction

 A Ferrari FXX is clearly a pretty special car in the first place, but when car number 29 of 30 comes up for sale bearing the squiggle of the seven time Formula 1 World Champion, it's sure to attract a bit of attention. The auctioneers are expecting just that with a predicated sale price of around £1.5 million.

Of course, car number 30 was actually given to Schumacher himself, so in actual fact this particular FXX was the last customer car ever built. Although it was the last customer car, the car's first owner is actually listed as Ferrari itself after it was commissioned to be used for research and development purposes.

With that in mind, the car spend some time with Ferrari being thrashed around the brand's Fiorano test tack as well as Monza, and even incurred a minor fender bender at some point. Not to worry though, the car was repaired to full factory specification at the Ferrari factory itself.

The FXX in question was then sold to a private collected in 2007 who did actually use the car at several Ferrari track days, so it's nice to see the car has been used rather than sat under a dust cover and has covered a rather respectable (for this calibre of car) 1500 miles. The car is also completely original and doesn't even have Ferrari's Evoluzione modifications that upped the power and reduced drag in 2009. This thing is as it left the factory and that combined with Schuey's signature is sure to be a winner with bidders.

The Ferrari FXX actually cost £2 million when new, although this did allow customers into Ferrari's exclusive XX programme which also included maintenance and track support. The car was based on the much loved Ferrari Enzo with the car's fabulous V12 engine expanding from 6 to 6.2 litres, with power output also growing to an eye watering 809bhp at 8500 rpm. The whole car was then set up specifically for track use meaning that the FXX could lap Fiarano 6.9 seconds faster than its Enzo sibling. Not only this but the FXX can complete the 0-62mph dash in just 2.5 seconds. Make no mistake, this is a properly quick track weapon.

If you're feeling flush and fancy bidding on this wonderful Schuey signed FXX, the car goes under the hammer in Munich, Germany on the 26th September so you better get access to those funds pretty sharpish if you want a chance of owning this slice of auto erotica.

James Mosley

James Mosley

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