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Awesome merchandise designed by car manufacturers

Here’s a few of the best gadgets and merchandise designed by your favourite car manufacturers. Car designers are creative and inventive, not only with just cars but with everything, from stationery to home furniture. Take a look yourself!

The Ferrari Pencilcase

Ferrari knows a thing or two about brand extension from Ferrari stores at airports to a theme parks and hotel in Abu Dhabi (with another opening in Spain in 2016). So don’t be worried, your children can know go to school with a super fast pencil case.

The Lamborghini Blazer

By the look of their cars, we should not be surprised that Lamborghini merchandise extends to clothing. In collaboration with the Italian d'Avenza Fashion tailoring brand, they created this beautiful hand-cut jacket with silk-yarn finished buttons.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Memory Stick

I bet you didn’t know that you needed a memory stick in the shape of a V12. But now you know better!

Jaguar iPad Air Case

If a brand new Jaguar is slightly out of your price range, the next best thing is to buy all Jaguar merchandise so at least you can pretend you can buy one. Like this iPad case.



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