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A new CEO for Volkswagen?

CEO Martin Winterkorn (pictured below) resigned in the midst of the shocking scandal that came out last week, exposing that Volkswagen had rigged testing to cover up how much pollution each car was producing.  

Ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn
Volkswagen have released a series of statements accepting both responsibility and blame for the scandal, and there were rumours that Winterkorn was being forced out until he resigned on Wednesday 23rd September.

Several reports have stated that the replacement for Winterkorn is the head of Porsche, Matthias Miller (pictured below). However, nothing is official yet and it has been reported that this replacement will be confirmed at a board meeting tonight.
Matthias Miller, potentially the new CEO for VW 
Winterkorn was CEO of the VW for 8 years and was known for being ruthless for perfection and hands on when it came to the production of cars. He has denied any personal involvement in the scandal and has apologised for the “mistakes of others”. This apology came after VW admitted to rigging emission tests of over 11 million cars, both in the EU and the US.

Miller will have a big job ahead of him, with this scandal ruining Volkswagen’s good name, halted any progression in the market in America and broken majority of customer’s faith in the brand. The company have set aside more than $6 million, but apparently the fines could rack up to more than $18 billion.
11 million cars are involved in the emissions scandal



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