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11 mllion cars involved in Volkswagen scandal

Volkswagen has stated that 11 million vehicles are involved in the scandal that has exploded worldwide. It was revealed late last week that some WV cars featured a ‘defeat device’ that concealed how much emission the car produced in testing.

Michael Horn, Volkswagen US chief, has stated the company has “totally screwed up” and it has been reported that WV shares have fallen 20% since the scandal broke out last week. 

The company have also stated that they are setting €6.5bn (£4.7bn) to pay for the costs of the scandal, consisting of fines and possible criminal charges. Right now, the potential fines could add up to $18 billion (£11 billion).

Many have been outraged about Volkswagen’s lack of honesty with the public and the company have been a top trend on Twitter since the scandal broke out.

It also has been reported the CEO of VW, Martin Winterkorn will be dismissed soon, with many agreeing that his days have been numbered since the scandal broke out. 



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